Testimonial Date: 30/01/2021 - Board Type : SUBX

Hi Grant, I do hope that you are well.
I'm in Torquay having a coffee....
I finally got to surf Grant, the SUBX glided through the water, a little press down on the front and she sooo moves, hooks into the wave and turns sweetly, nice offshore with a 3 foot clean motion to cruise on. Sun breaking though, all that's missing after coming out of the water was throwing on my Crystal Cylinders Tee, and heading down highway 1 with G. Wayne Thomas, and co.

Grant thank you so much once again for your professionalism, understanding and giftedness....and creating a board that does what it's creator crafted it to do.
Go well Grant, go well.
Surfer: 55/73kg/5'9" Board: 6'8" x 22 1/2" x 2 3/4" 2 plus 1 version with 7.5" center fin.
Note from Grant: Victoria's hard lockdown occurred just as Craig's board arrived down there. For months he was unable to surf. I kept in touch with him nonetheless.
Today he sent me the text above, totally stoked, totally worth waiting for. The board has more volume than what he really needs for his weight. However because he lives in Melbourne and cannot surf as frequently as he would like, I built in more foam to help him on his treasured trips to the coast.

Testimonial Date: 13/07/2020 - Board Type : SUBX
Hi Grant,

Just back from a surf with Ian Morrison at Bungan. Possibly 4-foot sets, smooth and very pleasant on a Sunday morning. Not too crowded.

So far I've taken the new board out in dribble at Culburra, very solid Mona Vale, Bungan a few times and Queenscliff. The conditions have ranged from ankle crushing fun through to well overhead at Mona Vale where I enjoyed new banks sorted by the crazy surf we had about a month ago.

If you were to ask, "So what's it like?" I would respond simply with a, "It does exactly what you said it would do." It is a wonderful paddler, has more of a small board feel than your first-generation sub xs, is fast and turns fluidly and frequently with acceleration through turns.

The day at Mona Vale was over 6 foot on the sets. It paddled in nicely, allowed me to handle very steep drops comfortably and, while I was turning gingerly off the bottom, felt secure and ready to go the whole time. Other surfs have, happily, been quality beach break conditions and it has failed to disappoint. The side fins show their worth on those tight turning take-offs where there is little rail or main fin in the water at the start. The side fins keep it honest and allow that burst of speed as one tries to beat the section and maximise speed.

There is a down-side though. The deck has a number of depressions that are really strange. They are mostly where my backside would go when sitting on the board. I've included a video that will only give you an indication. In one section it is almost honeycomb-like.

Clearly this has no bearing on the performance of the board, and I did ask for a lighter glass job this time, but I still think this is unusual and I am not sure about longevity. In total, since picking it up I have had about 10 surfs without incident.

I am sorry to end this feedback like this because the board is as good a fit as the V Skate you shaped me a few years ago. I really loved that one because our collaboration seemed to iron out lingering doubts I had with it and it went so nicely. This is similar.

I am pretty sure I will be down your way in the holidays so I can give you a look at the board.

Must go. Hope all well and the new arrangement is going as well as you were hoping.

Take care of yourself.

James Burfitt/ Sydney.
Surfer: 60/74kg/5'11" Board: 6'6" X 22 1/4" X 2 7/8", 2 plus 1 (8.5" center fin)
Note from Grant: When I received this email from James, although I was pleased with the board report, I felt shattered with the ending. We almost never have material failures in our boards. I build around 200 per year now and I'd say that only once in the past 10 years have we had a failure that warranted replacement. That was a case where the blank had severely shrunk, a Dion Chemicals factory failure which only showed up after the board was glassed and ridden for a few weeks.

Anyway I got straight back to James and arranged for him to drop by when next down this way. I have been building his boards for some years now and we have a very good relationship. We met last Thursday on the mountain. It was immediately obvious to me that the denting which he had reported was quite minor. It was concentrated in the area where he sits, and was even more obvious because he doesn't wax that particular part of his board. He's only 74kg as well, and so has less padding than others, and wax also absorbs some shock. The unusual pattern of dents he referred to in the email, consisted of two or three shallow grooves a few inches long, parallel with the stringer. I think that they were a result of him sliding up and down the board when sitting up and lying down to paddle, possibly his hip bones. None of the impressions were any deeper than 3mm. However they looked worse without any wax.

We discussed these matters and he was very relieved when he realized that there was nothing wrong with either the blank or the glassing. When you spend a significant amount of money on a new board, and wait patiently for it's completion as James had, it would be only natural to be concerned. The deck was glassed very lightly too with only one full length layer of 4oz and a small tail patch. (This is how my own boards are glassed). We had decided this together because it allows for better performance. If we had glassed the board even with say a 2x4oz deck, then there would have been no denting. He left me feeling good and excited about his new board.
I also felt good. At one point during our meeting, James said to me " we trust you" referring to himself and another mutual friend/client. Trust is built slowly through doing what you say you are going to do.

Testimonial Date: 13/07/2020 - Board Type : SUBX

Hi Grant....really enjoying the new subX mate...it paddles well and yet makes the drop on surprisingly steep takeoffs.

Been fun testing it in mixed conditions up here lately.
Plenty of rain coming yr way to fill those tanks and the dam!

Bob Allo/ Bungan, Northern Beaches Sydney
Surfer: 66/73kg/5'9" Board: 6'4" X 22" X 2 5/8" 2 plus 1 version.
Note from Grant: Over the years I've built a number of different boards for Bob. He has also bought various Miller boards used off the net if they seem suitable. He wanted a board he could ride in most conditions up to around a touch overhead and it seems the SUBX is doing it for him. I'm currently building him a 7'0" stretched out Waterskate with Quad plus Thruster fin setup. This is for days when it's bigger, and he needs to get in early and set himself up for what's ahead.
Bob is very interested in surfboards, and always comes to me with ideas of his own he's looking to incorporate. Exchanges like this add to the pleasure I get from building custom boards. I'm very glad I stopped shaping boards for surfshops where you never know who the board is for.
We had a good catch up recently down here on the mountain when he drove down with his wife to pick up the new SUBX and order the Waterskate.

Testimonial Date: 28/10/2019 - Board Type : SUBX
Hey Grant,

Hope you are well!

Just back yesterday from a trip north and to date the best waves I have surfed on the Sub-X, Indo style left hander 4-6ft that wraps around an off-shore reef accessible by boat.
Cant believe how good the board went in those waves, amazing speed and super drive off the bottom :) Thank you.

Throw into the trip lots of snakes, bungarras, scorpions, turtles and sharks, pretty special.

Are you shaping again or still working on the renovations?
Looking forward to a third edition of the Sub-X……..

Chat soon.
Regards Danny/WA
Surfer: 50/90kg/6'4" Board: 6'5" X 22 1/4" X 2 7/8" 2 plus 1 version.
Note from Grant:
I've been shaping Danny's boards for almost 3 years now. His first SUBX was a 6'8" version, then he got a 6'10" V-SKATE for bigger surf and then this current 6'5" SUBX. He is a decent functional surfer who lives in SW WA and surfs a wide variety of powerful reef waves with some beachies. He has been blown away by the performance of the SUBX and also the amazing paddle power.

Testimonial Date: 28/10/2019 - Board Type : SUBX
Hi Grant,

Thought I'd drop you a line to share some experiences I have had on Ian's green sub-x. This is the one that has small side fins and a laminated wooden central fin. It is 6' 8" and not his preferred board at the moment. He is too happy on the blue subbie ( 6'6" X 22 1/4" x 2 7/8")to swap.

I am totally won over by the side fins. I emailed you late last year to say I thought that this arrangement would work well after I had been on Ian's blue board for a bit. It has been an experience much as I thought it would be. I had nice waves at Tallows and Broken Head last week, and I was surfing awful Palmie this morning, with the occasional wave holding up and providing some salvation from the dross. To be more accurate the ones that held up were pretty good, but few and far between. I have had to take off late occasionally and to swing hard into waves on steep angles and the board has just sung. No slip, great stability, surprising speed and such a fun feeling.

You know Ian. Generous to a fault and he is acting as my surfboard sugar-daddy at the moment. Lends boards whenever you ask. What a guy!

Anyway, despite the board probably being about 4 inches too long, it is a love affair currently and I can't see why it can't kick on. Waves may have been up to 6 foot at Broken Head and the board lapped it up.

The big question right now is quad or side fins.

Anyway, you have done great work in developing this board and I have had great fun on it.

Look forward to chatting to you about getting one sorted when you are good.

Hope the house is going well. What a year you've had. Should be the perfect place once done.

Best regards,

James Burfitt/ Sydney
Surfer: 58/78kg/5'11" Board: 6'8" X 22 1/2" x 3" 2 plus 1.
Note from Grant:
James is an experienced surfer who normally surfs a V-SKATE/see testimonial on V-SKATE page. Recently he pretty well demolished his board on a long European trip, and since I'm not shaping at the moment his friend Ian has been lending him boards. I work closely with James on his V-SKATES and it's interesting to see how much fun he has been having on the SUBX, a completely different surfboard. I'm interested but not surprised because the SUBX is like a wolf in sheep's clothing. It looks like a fun board which might not be capable of high performance, yet it is very capable. All I ever ride now is a SUBX, up to a few feet overhead, which is when I get onto a Semi-Gun.

Testimonial Date: 30/01/2019 - Board Type : SUBX
Hi Grant
Hope all is well with you and your ventures. Just a quick message to let you know how well the newest Sub X is performing.
The reduction in size and volume and the altered planshape has produced the board that I was chasing. Performance is light and nimble under foot with fast and sharp turns while still flowing along the face nicely. Although I have topped out at just over 100kg it is still easy to paddle and surf.

Absolutely stoked with another board you have made for me, and our relationship in creating amazing boards just gets better and better. At this time I can't think of any changes I would make in a board, but I am sure by the time you get back to shaping I will come up with ideas and tweaks for my next board and you'll guide me to what works and doesn't. Thanks again. Surfing gets more fun by the session. Happy new year to you and all the best to you. Cheers.
Surfer: 55/95-100kg/5'11" Board: 6'4" X 22 1/4" X 2 3/4" 2+1 version.
Note from Grant: I've been building Wal's boards now for a few years. He is quite knowledgeable about design and shaped himself a few boards when he was young.
Wal comes to me with ideas each time and we go through and asses them together, integrating some and discarding others. He trusts me. This trust has naturally deepened over time and I value that a lot. Remaining loyal to a highly competent shaper is the best way to improve your boards. Surfers who jump from shaper to shaper usually learn nothing along the way. However this is not to say that you should stay with a shaper out of blind loyalty since life is short. But if you relate well together, and you feel listened to and your boards are working well, then staying is the best thing to do. Make sure that your shaper keeps highly detailed records of each and every board you get. Only in this way is it possible for progressive improvements to be made in your equipment over time.

Testimonial Date: 09/11/2018 - Board Type : SUBX
Hey Grant,
I hope you’re well.
Just a quick update on the Sub X.

I haven’t surfed a lot since early this year due to a shoulder injury, kids, and a fair bit of time mountain biking.

I took the Sub X our yesterday. My second surf since July, and probably my first surf on the Sub X since May.

The board was amazing. I caught more waves in 90 minutes than I have in a long time, the board turned amazing off the tail in some tight spots, and cruised and pumped along the flatter sections.

I was so stoked after the surf I can’t remember the last time I left the surf that happy with my surfing (the board), especially after so long out of the water.

Now the shoulder is better, I’m looking forward to more great surfs on the sub-x.

Great board, and so glad I finally got it!
Thanks again!

Mark/Central Coast NSW
Surfer: 45/5'11"/80kg Board: 2+1 version with 7.25" center fin.

Note from Grant: I've built Mark a V-SKATE and an F-SKATE previously. He wanted this for particularly small days where he would normally have to ride a Mal. He lusted after a SUBX for some time and finally succumbed. Another great result with a truly custom design.

Testimonial Date: 09/10/2018 - Board Type : SUBX
Hi Grant, this is Leighton. I just wanted to let you know that after picking my board up, we scored another amazing week at Crescent which really allowed me to get to know the Suby. It's a board I felt instantly comfortable on given that I surf so little these days.

I'm really happy with the paddle performance, as you suggested, I found myself sitting just inside the longboards. But then the response and flow from turn to turn, just gets my blood flowing again in a way my 9'6" can't. Stepping onto my front foot was getting me past sections I thought I wouldn't make. I'm really looking forward to getting back in the water this summer*.

Thanks again for another brilliant board mate! Hope you're well!! Blue skies.

Surfer: 43/5'10"/80kg Board: 6'8" X 22 1/2" X 2 7/8" 2 plus 1 set up with 8.5" center fin.
* Note from Grant:
Leighton lives in Albury close to the border and so cannot surf regularly. He and his mates usually do two road trips per year/one to Crescent and one to Torquay, with a bit of other surfing stuff in between. This was the third board that I had built for him over about a 10 year period/ the others being a 6'2" Waterskate and a 6'10" V-SKATE Gun. He wanted essentially a replacement for his 9'6" Longboard, something which was easier to transport and more agile once up and riding. I told him he'd be able to sit just inside the Long boarders at Crescent, and that's where he sat. It was great seeing him and his friends when he called into Little Forest to pick up his new board en route Crescent. When I later receive feedback from a client like this, it's very satisfying for me. Although I'm extremely confident about achieving great outcomes for client's, it's feedback like Leighton's which warms me internally.

Testimonial Date: 04/10/2018 - Board Type : SUBX
Morning Grant. Trust all is well with you and the building project. First surf on the new Sub X this morning. Very uninspiring conditions but time to try it out. Firstly the board feels light and right under arm. Secondly it paddles like a dream and I feel it paddles easier than the previous Sub X. Caught about a half dozen weaves ranging from little walls to slush. Firstly in slush it just runs through nicely but on the couple of walls I rode it was speedy, reactive and fast with quick and easy transactions in turns.

The narrower tail i feel really added to the spark in this board off the tail, but I have also been conscious of surfing off my back foot more since our discussion. From the limited time and poor conditions this morning, I am really over the moon with this board and I can't wait to hit some good waves, but it really feels and rides the way I was hoping for during our discussions. Light, bright and zippy board.

Another great addition to the quiver. Thanks Grant- love the board.
Wal/Thirroul, NSW
Surfer: 54/5'8"/95kg Board: 6'4" X 22 1/4" X 2 3/4" 2 plus 1
Note from Grant: Wal is a decent competent life long surfer. He has shaped a few boards as a young man and remains very interested in surfboard design. He first bought a used V-SKATE from me perhaps 2 years ago, and has since picked up another V-SKATE and a Powerglide from Gumtree. Last year I shaped a 6'7" SUBX for him and now this one. This current SUBX is built with my most recent modifications which primarily relate to changes in outline/planshape. I've changed the outline by pulling the tail in narrower. The nose width remains the same, as does rocker and fin locations. The main effect of this change is to loosen the board up and create quicker response. Wal ordered this board by phone and we spoke for a good hour as we went through the design and his expectations. When he picked the board up at Little Forest he was immediately stoked, and this text message today from him makes it all worthwhile for me.

Testimonial Date: 28/07/2018 - Board Type : SUBX

Hi Grant, back surfing after nearly 7 months. Shoulder is getting there. Board is awesome. Only small waves so far. Paddles and catches waves well. As loose as my 6ft5 subx, has a bigger sweet spot, gets up on a rail better making it feel more responsive.
What I really like is, unlike my 6ft5 where I got extra speed by moving forward, I can pump this board up and down the wave face to get it going in my normal stance, which is much more fun. It also has a feeling of better control in turns enabling me to push it harder. Thanks.
Fozz/Northern Beaches, Sydney.
Surfer:59/80kg/5'9" Board: 6'8" X 22 1/2" X 2 7/8" Dedicated Quad/with tail plug.

Note from Grant: Fozz has significant lower back issues like many of us do at his age. He has also been recovering from a shoulder injury. He is a good surfer, but because of his back in particular, cannot surf as frequently or for as long as previously, and so his water time is even more valuable to him. He wanted this SUBX to be built incorporating the recent modifications I've introduced/particularly more outline curve, and was hoping that even though this one would be longer than his previous board, it would be just as maneuverable. Fozz has a genuine interest in surfboard design and is surprisingly knowledgeable. I say surprisingly because very few people are aware of what design variables go into a surfboard and what effect they have. In fact, many shapers these days don't even know, and without shaping machines would be finished/but that's another story. Fozz was highly involved in the design process of this board, and although I didn't incorporate everything on his wish list, the majority was valid and utilized. I told him at one point that he could have a job with me answering my phone and talking with clients. Another successful outcome.

Testimonial Date: 03/07/2018 - Board Type : SUBX
Hi Grant, sorry missed your call today. The 6'9 SubX is a great board, rides very well, especially in mushy full conditions, struggles a bit when waves get sucky but this could be user error and skill level. A few little dings unfortunately due to my clumsiness and a small crease on the tail which I'm not sure what caused that.
Overall very happy with the board, has definitely helped with my progression. Thinking a v-skate will be my next choice as I progress a bit further. Thanks for your call!
Surfer: 30/85kg/6'0" Board: 6'9" X 22 1/4" X 2 7/8" 2+1 version with 8.25" center fin.
Note from Grant: Jesse came to me with only 1.5 yrs of experience. He surfs anywhere between Mona Vale and Wollongong and had been sold a number of boards already which were not suitable for him and on which he struggled.
I wanted to help him gain some confidence, and build him a board that he could initiate turns with and catch as many waves as possible. He seems very happy with the board.
His comment about sucky waves deserves some discussion. The SUBX was really only designed for very small surf, and most very small waves are not particularly sucky. However time has shown the board to be much more versatile and the recent design changes I've made increase this versatility still further. However the Achilles heel of the SUBX is that being very low in rocker, it is more challenging to ride in steeper suckier waves than other boards. I ride mine in anything and everything up to a couple of feet overhead, but being highly experienced I am able to make the necessary adjustments. Over time, Jesse will experience more success in steeper surf. For others, the more ability they have, the greater the range of waves the board will work in.

Testimonial Date: 21/06/2018 - Board Type : SUBX
Hey Grant! How are you doing mate? I’m writing to give you some real positive feedback on the SubX. We are entering the summer season here in NY and waves here are tiny on most of days, 0-1ft! Recently Iv'e been relying the SubX a lot instead of my 9ft longboard. There were times that I caught 20 some good waves per session when most longboarders were struggling.

After owning the board for 2 years now, I find the board is more sensitive to the cleanness of the condition rather then wave size. Basically I would take the board out on any days that’s clean, doesn’t matter how small the wave is.

The best thing about the board is that it doesn’t require me to paddle as hard as my longboard, perhaps due to the lightweight and wide square tail, and once I’m on, the pressure on my front foot really drives the board down the line with good speed and makes it through the critical sections. I can surf it aggressively or just relax and cruise. And I really like the 2+1 setup, no bottom turn needed, I can set the rails early and draw a higher line. These days I’m feeling a lot more confident and progressing with good technique and style. hopefully I can be a on short board when the winter comes!

I think you really created something special here, I might looking into another model in the near future!

Thanks again! Steve/NY, USA
Surfer:40/68kg/5'8" Board: 6'8" X 22 1/2" X 2 3/4" 2 plus 1 version.
Note from Grant: I built this board for Steve 2 years ago and freighted it to New York. His feedback really speaks for itself and it's interesting how he describes the paddle power. Comparing his 6'8" SUBX so favorably to a 9'0" longboard. I made this claim at the very beginning of the SUBX's development 5 years ago/see design section on the SUBX. Over the years since, uninformed people on certain forums who think their opinion carries some weight, have denigrated these claims. However, many of my clients have given similar feedback to Steve's, any feedback is always spontaneously given, never asked for by me. The very low rocker in the SUBX enables this tremendous paddle power and yet the board is also remarkably agile. Very good of Steve to email me two years down the track because he's still stoked.

Testimonial Date: 21/05/2018 - Board Type : SUBX
Hi Grant, just a quick note how I am going with the Subx. I used it 4 times now in different conditions: 1-2ft, 2-3ft, 4ft and have to say: love it. Today it was a bit straight (4ft+ on the set) but had some really good rides. Have the fin all the way back but will soon change it, just to feel the difference.

Not sure what you have done to the board but when you push your back foot the increase in speed is insane. There is 1 con:the board makes me lazy (paddles too easy) ha ha.
Will send a more detailed review later on. Thanks again, pretty stoked with my collection. Cheers, Wes/Northern Beaches, Sydney.
Surfer:36/85kg/6'0" Board: 6'8" X 22 1/2" x 2 7/8" 2 plus 1 version.
Note from Grant: Wes is from Holland originally and started surfing only 4.5 years ago. He came to me as a raw beginner about 6 months after starting, with a lot of trust and enthusiasm. I first made him a high volume 7'4" V-SKATE which he progressed really well on, and then a more refined 6'10" V-SKATE which furthered his improvement again. This is his latest board from me/about a month old now. It's not a V-SKATE replacement but built to complement the VS for smaller surf/a 2 board quiver if you like. He also has a 9'1" Mal which he got sick of putting on the car and lugging around, and so the SUBX essentially replaces that board. His SUBX is one of the first boards which I modified with some significant outline changes to increase maneuverability without sacrificing speed or drive. These modifications, the first major changes in 5 years, are now going into all the SUBX boards I shape, after I finished trialing them on my own personal boards.
Wes's situation is a great example of how even surfers at the very beginning of their surfing careers can benefit hugely by being on the right equipment. Rather than following the run of the mill surf shop recommendation to "just get a Minimal", carefully designed custom boards can lead to more fun and faster improvement.

Testimonial Date: 06/03/2018 - Board Type : SUBX
Hey there Grant. Had a nice long session on the Sub X yesterday at Thirroul beach in 2ft, occasionally bigger. I found the optimum paddle position i think, as i could really paddle well, and found some of the other guys out didn't bother trying when i turned into the paddle.

Catching lots of waves and also seemed to be in the right spot on the board when getting up just made it perform beautifully, although there is much more refinement in my knowing the board.

I must say i was disheartened after the previous session especially since going well before that. Definitely fun and definitely a lot more potential as the board and i become more as one!
Thanks for creating magnificent works of art that have re-ignited my love of surfing.
Wal/South Coast,NSW
Surfer:54/97kg/5'11" Board: 6'7" X 22 1/4" X 2 7/8" 2 plus 1 version.
Note from Grant: Wal is a decent long time surfer. He has not had this new board for long and is still coming to grips with it. He contacted me a little while before this text to say that he was having some difficulty in positioning himself on the board on some waves (after the disheartening surf referred to above). We discussed this on the phone at some length. We talked about how the SUBX is not the same as a regular thruster and that marrying up to a new type of board can take a little time. I suggested he ride a few waves without pushing too much, just guiding it to really get the feel of the board moving through the water. Also to gently experiment with finding the optimal paddling position. The shorter the board, the more important optimal positioning becomes, especially if you are a bigger person. With longer boards there is more latitude with respect to where you are lying. I think he has tried these ideas and now appears to be getting results. Sometimes a custom board provides instant magic. Sometimes it takes a while. This is one reason why I call all my clients about 2 months after they pick up a new board. I want to know how it's going, and sometimes I can help bed things in.

Testimonial Date: 19/02/2018 - Board Type : SUBX
Hi Grant,
Just a quick note about the 7' Sub-X I bought a while ago.
In the move to Victoria and with all the work that took I was worried that my surfing wouldn't be good enough for the subbie so I have been using my mal.
In the last 2 days however I got it out.
Its amazing - the board paddles brilliantly, holds in steep sections and is really manouverable.
It has made me a better surfer and I feel confident on late take-offs and through the faster sections.
I am now annoyed I didn't get it out before but now I have it will be my go to board.
Thanks again and best wishes.
BTW I see you have moved to the south coast. I hope that is going well for you.
Surfer:55/92kg/5'11" Board:7'0" X 22 3/4" X 3" 2+1 version.

Note from Grant: I built this board for Mike in August 2015 and I remember really hitting it off with him which sometimes occurs. He was coming off a 9'1" McTavish and was soon to move to Victoria. When I initially called him back then, to see how the board was going, he was rapt. His email today is self explanatory, however it's always nice to hear how things are going with a client further down the tracks. Back then I put a bit more foam into his SUBX than strictly necessary for his weight because of the extra rubber he would be wearing down South, and also because his frequency of surfing was not particularly high at that time.

Testimonial Date: 06/02/2018 - Board Type : SUBX
Hi Grant,

Hope you’re doing well and getting some waves, especially now the kids have gone back to school!

I just wanted to give you some initial feedback on the Sub X. I haven’t been able to ride it in a lot of different conditions, so this is just based on the few times I have had it out so far. I’ll provide some more once I get more time with it under my feet.

Firstly, the board looks amazing. Having only seen pictures of the Sub X on your website, when I picked it up from you at Little Forest, it looked and felt amazing.

The subtle changes from the nose to tail really hide the craftsmanship of the board. The spray and fin is spot on and suits the board perfectly.

I mentioned when I first picked it up that I was a bit nervous, not having ridden a single fin before, but also like I said when I first ordered the board, I wanted a board that is different to my other boards, and will get me in the water when it’s too small for my normal short board. I definitely got the board I was after.

My first couple of surfs was at my local beach break, with small weak 2 footers. Perfect to test the board in the conditions I bought it for.

I was stoked to feel how well the board paddles, and how easy I could get into the waves. My fears of riding a single fin were unfounded, as I found the board stable on take-off, fast down the line, but still really easy to turn off the tail. It flows with the wave amazingly and is still nimble enough to come off the top and bottom in tight spots and on the open face. I was really surprised how well it turned given the width of the board.

I’ve had a few weeks up the north coast and Sunshine Coast in January and while the waves were far from perfect (I missed both swells), I did get a few fun surfs in 2 foot clean waves at Tea Tree at Noosa, where the board was just perfect for a point break, it sat in the wave perfectly for trimming, got over the flat sections easily, and turned Perfectly on the open faces. Everyone else was riding 9 foot Mal’s and I was on my 6’4” Sub X. It was a much easier walk in with that under my arm, than a 9 footer.

We also got The Pass on a really small 1 foot day. It was small, but the waves still ran down the point really well. Similar to Tea Tree, the perfect board for the conditions. My 11 year old son rode it for 3 hours, and got a ton of waves. He has only ever surfed normal little beach breaks, so to get on the Sub X and get 50 – 100 metre rides where he could just pump
down the line, he was over the moon. He’s put a SUB X on his wish list for his next birthday….

I haven’t yet worked out where I need to stand on the board at all times, but when I have found the right spot, the board turns on a dime, and takes off down the line. I now just need to dial in those spots every surf. I haven’t tried it with the side fins yet, as so far I’m having so much fun as a single fin.

The board is everything I was looking for and exactly how you described it would be.

As always, it has been a pleasure dealing with you from our first contact, our discussion about what I was looking for, right through to picking up the board at your property. Your professionalism, knowledge, passion and craftsmanship are second to none.

Thanks Grant for a great board!

Mark/Central Coast, NSW
Surfer: 44/5'11"/80kg Board: 6'4" X 22" X 2 5/8" 2+1 version with 7.25" centre fin.
Note from Grant: I have built Mark a number of other short boards over the years. He wanted this SUBX to deal with Mal type surf/1'-2' days. It seems I've nailed it well for him for the conditions in question. I imagine that he will tend to ride the board more and more in whatever conditions present as I have. Now, about 4 years after designing the SUBX, I'm still totally into it in all but the biggest surf. His other boards are Thrusters and certainly it takes a bit of experience till you can rapidly transition onto the SUBX after riding these other types of boards.

Testimonial Date: 04/02/2018 - Board Type : SUBX

Grant good to hear you are well and active. I have now been riding the SUBX 6'6" Single plus 2 side fins for a few years and it has become my all-round wave board. At my age, 2-6 feet is my limit and although I recently went back to try a few of my other boards, none of them gave me the support, maneuverability and finesse that I get with the X factor in all conditions. In retrospect I wish I had tried a 6'4" as sometimes, on a good day, I get ahead of myself and think I am 21 again. More realistically I will probably be contacting you for a replacement 6'8" SUBX for my 70th birthday.

Best wishes
Surfer:66/80kg/5'10" Board:6'6" X 22 1/4" X 2 3/4" 2 + 1 version
Note from Grant: I built this board for Bernie in early 2015. He wanted the board for a wide variety of waves in his area, from small sloppy rubbish to fairly powerful beach break. Modifications were made to the rocker to allow for this brief. Now, 3 years later, when most other brands of board would be in landfill, he's still stoked. Another great outcome with a beautifully designed and built board.

Testimonial Date: 05/01/2018 - Board Type : SUBX
Hey Grant,

Just touching base to let you know how much I have been enjoying the board you made for me.
I am now in the water 3-4 times a week and use the Sub-X exclusively, from 2-6ft.
Love how it holds speed on the smaller/ full days allowing you to maintain smooth rail to rail transitions.
Surprise is the fun I’ve had when it has been bigger and the waves have speed and power.

I am back down to 89kg (from 95kg) and much more surf fit than when I first ordered the board.
I am not in a position to order another board just yet but was wondering where I could go from here in terms of size and/ or refining the shape?
I have considered a different model like the V-Skate but really enjoying the Sub-X too much to make the change.

I am thinking the original board for smaller/ fuller days and perhaps a smaller, zippier Sub-X for the better surf days.
Living in the SW I am surfing pretty good waves most of the time.

Turning 50 this year so will put a new board on the present wish list, ha…..

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts and hope you have a great 2018!

Danny/SW, WA
surfer:49/89kg/6'4" Board: 6'8" X 22 1/2" X 3" 2+1 version with 8.5" center fin.
Note from Grant:Danny came to me after spending the past 5 years totally into SUP'S, although he had surfed extensively before that on surfboards. He wanted an alternative to mix with his SUP. It needed to be able to handle good reef surf from 2'--6', although not necessarily super steep. I made some modifications to make the SUBX as versatile as possible and yet still have the fantastic paddle and glide he wanted. At times other surfers look at my SUBBIE on the beach and question how she goes in good surf. As I have said, they ride really well in rubbish and even better in good surf. Sometimes it seems, all things are possible.

Testimonial Date: 28/12/2017 - Board Type : SUBX
Hi Grant,

Had a first surf on the Sub X this arvo at North Molly. Wow - what an amazing board! Waves were very ordinary - onshore winds, small crumbly 1-2 foot at the bottom of the tide ... conditions that I suspect would test any boards ability to get into a wave - especially for a novice surfer like me..

It paddles like a dream, easy to pop up on ... and I still had some fun! It ticks all the boxes I was hoping it would .... I can’t wait to get it into some better waves to see what it will do.

Thanks Grant for making great surfboards.

Cheers - Dave/Ulladulla, NSW
Surfer:54/85kg/6'2" Board: 7'0" X 22 1/2" X 3 1/4" 2+1 version.
Note from Grant: Dave bought this used SUBX from me a few days ago and couldn't wait to get in the water with it. He has not had a lot of surfing experience, having come to surfing later in life. This particular board is a high volume version, which I felt confident would suit Dave well. He needs a good paddler and stability so that he can catch as many waves as possible and gradually build up his confidence. Another successful Miller outcome.

Testimonial Date: 18/08/2017 - Board Type : SUBX

Hi Grant

Just a quick word to say I hadn't been on the Subby for a while. Didn't take it to Indo as I hadn't ridden it enough to feel confident? about it.

BUT - had a quick surf this arvo at Bronte in head high and couldn't believe how it handled the reef. Absolute perfection - which is quite a statement. Such smoothness and responsiveness and ease.

Thank you again. And I will probably be calling very soon to have an identical copy shaped as a reserve !!

Hope you are keeping well.

James/Eastern Suburbs, Sydney.
Surfer: 53/77kg/5'11" Board: 6'5" X 22 1/8" X 2 3/4" 2 plus 1 version.

Note from Grant: A few months back I called James to see how he was liking his new board. He was super stoked and said among other things that he had recently caught "the best left ever" for him while on the SUBX. He asked what I thought about taking the board along with some others on an upcoming boat trip in Indo. I said that it would be ideal for the smaller days in particular and that he might be surprised how it would go even in bigger waves. This is particularly true on boat trips where you can often paddle into the break without drama, as opposed to beach break in bigger conditions. As you can see, he didn't take it. This was James's first board ever from me and confidence in a new board can take some time to develop for anyone.
A few days ago he called me and ordered an identical SUBX copy "in case something happens to you or you stop shaping". He is aware that I lead a very full life both in and out of the ocean, and perhaps he was thinking of my last Himalayan trip in particular. On that trip, I became very ill while alone, high up in a remote valley but was able to evacuate myself and return home. I have no intention of retiring from shaping. I think he is just so stoked with the SUBX that naturally he wants to have a back up. It's a great feeling for me to know that my boards are so much appreciated. A lot of thought and love goes into them.

Testimonial Date: 18/08/2017 - Board Type : SUBX
Hey Grant,

Got your voicemail, thanks again for taking the time and being so considerate :)

Apologies for the delay in getting back - I'd taken the board out for a couple of really good sessions quite soon after I got it, then I wanted a couple more before getting back to you, but we had a huge flat spell for over a month. Just took it back to the coast last weekend.

The board goes great, I haven't quite surfed a board like that before, and I feel like it has a lot of dimensions I'm yet to explore. The best sessions I had was at a couple of remote points we have here, a peeling right and a steeper left.

Surfed the left first which ended up around head and a half to double overhead. I had the side fins in plus 7.5 centre fin, the board felt good, easy to paddle in, bottom turn felt solid. Board itself felt very loose but I think I also have a tendency to be standing too far forward sometimes which might contribute to that.

One thing I noticed was at the top of any top turns I was making, I felt a lot of "float", not sure how else to describe it. Felt like I couldn't bury the board in the wave as much as I was used to on thinner boards, but I guess that's to do with the volume?

The right we surf a lot is a fatter point, had the side fins in there. For cutties it felt great, plenty of speed through the turns, had lots of fun on this wave with the board.

I've only surfed it as a single a couple times, and only in quite crappy waves. I definitely haven't got the hang of it as a single... something I really want to try more, but as soon as the waves get solid or decent I find myself reaching for the side fins too.

Anyways, feels like I still need a few more sessions in good waves for a really decent assessment. Super keen to hear feedback from others or see videos of guys surfing the board, as I'm a pretty average surfer and sometimes seeing someone better with the board opens your eyes to what is possible.

Thanks heaps again Grant... love ya work.

Tane/New Zealand
Surfer:40/78kg/6'1" Board: 6'6" X 22 1/4" X 2 3/4" 2 plus 1 version.

Testimonial Date: 13/06/2017 - Board Type : SUBX
Hi Grant. Hope your well. I’ve had a few more surfs on the SUBX. Never in all my 35 plus years of surfing have I ridden anything like this. Unique. Pure joy. Amazing board. I reckon as I get some match fitness back, I’m going to want one with smaller specs.

Thanks heaps for a great board.


Surfer:50/5’7”/93kg Board: 7’0” X 22 ½” x 3 ¼” 2 plus 1 version

Note from Grant: Terry has been surfing since he was a kid. He now lives a bit inland and so cannot surf as frequently. He had been on longboards the last few years and so wanted this board to paddle him really well but also offer some performance. I remember when he was ordering the board he was concerned that it might not have enough volume compared to what he had been riding. I assured him that it would. Now he’s thinking he could have gone a bit smaller. A great outcome.

Testimonial Date: 04/03/2017 - Board Type : SUBX
Grant, I swapped some fins around, surfed some more, had to slow down and get used to the board a bit more and completely happy with the SUBX. Using the quads helped me trust the board. And checked the website again, it's a Long board alternative, not a shortboard.

Back to the single and side bites with further spread. Surfing to it's design, it's close to the perfect dims. I had a killer surf yesterday. Very happy.

Shane/Port Maquarie NSW
Surfer: 50/76kg/5'7" Board: 6'4" X 21 3/4" X 2 5/8" Set up as a 2 plus 1 as well as with extra Quad plugs for maximum versatility.
Note fromGrant: I have shaped a number of boards for Shane over many years. He is an experienced and decent surfer. About 2 months ago I rang Shane to check how his board was going (I do this with all my clients as a matter of course). He had not surfed the board very much due to work and poor surf conditions but was not particularly happy at that point. He thought it had too much volume and that perhaps he should have ordered a 6'0" version. It just didn't feel right he said.

I felt really disappointed because I put all I have into all the boards I shape, and remembered how pleased I had been with the way the board turned out. A lot of care and emotion are involved for me. However I also really appreciated Shane's honesty and courage in providing honest feedback. When I call clients to check on their boards, it's because I care, not because I want to hear only good feedback or praise. So, we talked about the board and his experiences for some time, and while we did this I was looking carefully at the board's file in front of me, trying to find something to help me understand his experience. On paper, technically it all looked good and I could even remember how the board had felt under my arm and thinking how sweet it was. In the end I made some suggestions relating to fins and encouraged him to surf it some more in varied conditions and then get back to me when he felt ready. I told him that if at that time he was still unhappy, then I would build him another board at no cost to him including freight. That we would work it out.

Yesterday while I was driving to Sydney to deliver boards with broken Bluetooth, Shane called me. I told him I couldn't talk right then but would call him back. However before I could, he sent me the text reproduced above. A little while later I rang him. He was totally stoked in the board having ridden it quite a bit more and played around with his fins. He said he had caught a left and surfed it the best he had ever surfed. Among other things, he had taken out some aftermarket fiberglass fins and replaced them with the stock FCS fins I provided him with originally. Perhaps he was also more relaxed knowing that I would work with him no matter what, I'm not sure.

In the end, people come to me because they trust me, either from their own previous experience or from someone else's recommendation. I take surfboard building very seriously and really appreciate the trust given to me.

Testimonial Date: 01/03/2017 - Board Type : SUBX
Hey mate, sorry missed your call........just working driving ferries on the harbor. My board is fantastic bud, I'm very happy. Paddling is good but where I'm most surprised is the speed.....I've always seemed to pop up and bog down, but not on this baby, it takes off!

I've certainly had to change a bit style wise and flow more with this board but I am loving life brother.
Thanks Grant.....I will be in touch when I need my next board.

Surfer:52/6'0"/104kg Board: 7'0" X 23 1/4" X 3 1/4" 2 plus 1 version
Note from Grant Miller: Troy is only able to surf about once per fortnight, plus holidays on the NSW South Coast. To ensure that he had sufficient paddle power and didn't spend half his valuable sessions getting his paddling up to speed, I put in some extra volume to assist. Another very satisfied SUBX client.

Testimonial Date: 08/02/2017 - Board Type : SUBX

Hi Grant,

Hope all is well with you and business. Thanks for the recent call. Apologies for not replying - been flat out.

Sub x - It's great. As before, your creation has lived up to your promise - performs and rides exactly as per description. It's certainly been a life saver in the recent less than average conditions I've been presented with. Paddles really well, I've been (pleasantly) surprised with the ease in which I've caught gutless full waves. Initially I found the ride stiff and the board tough to maneuver, and I attributed it to my inexperience. However I moved the centre fin forward about 3/4 inch and it came into it's own. Between the sub and the v skate I am equipped for almost any condition - that was the goal.

Thank you for both boards and all the pleasure they bring, its greatly appreciated; I feel fortunate to experience the results of your wisdom and craftsmanship. The next step for me is to improve, significantly, and then consider the next board.

Again, I hope you are well, content, and enjoying the waves too.

Surfer: 48/91kg/6'0" Board: 6'10" X 22 1/2" X 2 7/8" 2 plus 1 version.
Note from Grant: Matt's discussion about the fin adjustment illustrates so well the fact that as surfers we are all different, and so may need to adjust our fins to suit. The SUBX in 2 plus 1 format provides a tremendous range in fin adjustment, both at the 10" finbox and also with the Surfinz side plugs we use. Fine tuning is where it's at once you get used to your new board.
Matt's feedback also clearly shows the benefits of having a quiver to optimally deal with the range of waves you typically surf. His V-SKATE which I built perhaps 18 months ago is great for surf above say shoulder height, but when it's small out comes the Subbie.

Testimonial Date: 24/11/2016 - Board Type : SUBX
Hi Grant, your email somehow got buried in my inbox, sorry I just saw it now. The subX is an absolute joy, I had some fantastic rides on it! After riding longboards for years, my first impression of the SubX was it felt very light quick and maneuverable. I took it to California few weeks ago, it worked very well in different conditions, I let my friend used it and he thought it's very similar to a fish board. Anyway I really liked it and learning something new every time I use it, the only thing I wished I got is stronger glassing, as you know NY beach is super crowded on summer days, and I got dinged couple times on the rail, but nothing major thankfully.

Anyways thanks for shaping a great board! I'm hoping to taking it to Costa Rica next year!


Steve/New York, USA.
Surfer:38/5'8"/68kg Board:6'8" X 22 1/2" x 2 3/4" 2 plus 1 version.
Note from Grant Miller: Steve is an intermediate surfer who had previously only ridden longboards. The board was made for waves in NY, California and Costa Rica, showing once again how versatile the SUBX is.
Glassing: Steve's board was glassed quite lightly and this is one reason the board performs so well. Glassing and performance are always trade offs with any surfboard, but the SUBX is primarily designed for smaller surf where lightness is a distinct advantage.

Testimonial Date: 10/06/2016 - Board Type : SUBX

Hi Grant.

Thanks for contacting me about the SUBX I got from you late last year. Sorry I couldn’t provide much feedback as I had been out of the water for 3 months, but I’m back surfing again now and loving the SUBX. After struggling on hybrid type boards for a while, I thought I needed to change my boards and surfing as I aged. I was right about needing something different to ride and the SUBX is perfect, but my surfing has gone up a level.

Paddle power is awesome, my wave count is way up, I’m getting in earlier, but what has really surprised me is what I’m doing on a wave. It’s got drive when on the front foot, it’s loose on the back foot, fast with multiple sweet spots, and if the wave goes fat, just step forward for more speed. I really think you have found something special with this design. Not only am I getting more waves, I am getting longer rides, often all the way to the shore. Its makes rubbish surf fun and small high tide waves I used to struggle on are now a blast.

I’ve had a few “what just happened” moments when I’ve pulled off something I would have struggled to do 30 years ago when I surfed every day. And all of this is on a board that doesn’t look like it could perform like it does. Another bonus is the extra thickness is great for a push down and submerge the board, no paddle late take off. It took a little while for me to get the Quad with stabiliser setup right but the Surfinz system made it easy to tune. The quality, finish and spray are first class. Thank you for asking the right questions, assessing my ability and fitness perfectly and for making the whole process a positive experience.

Fozz/Northern Beaches, Sydney.
Surfer:57/5'9"/78-80kg Board: 6'5" x 22 1/8" x 2 3/4" Dedicated quad version with centre tail plug so it can be used as either a Quad or Thruster.

Testimonial Date: 16/05/2016 - Board Type : SUBX
Hi Grant
Just wanted to give you some feedback on the 7.0 SubX you shaped for me.
Firstly thank you for the care and passion you put into your boards .
There is a lot going on with the detail in these and the finish is superb.
At 50 i need volume for paddling but want all that foam to disappear after takeoff.
That is where this board truly surprises. I was expecting a lazy mini mal like ride but the subx was driving itself down the face on take off, with phenomenal acceleration through bottom turns and then going rail to rail like a short board. Even on more critical take offs the bottom rail combo maintain a fast, light neutral feel. There's no stall off the top and remains well mannered when bouncing off the whitewater. We all like to think we got that special board but reading the testimonials of others suggests its this design.
Grant Miller you sorcerer, there is some serious magic going on here.
Surfer:50/90kg/5'11" Board:7'0" X 23 1/8" x 3 3/16" 2 plus 1 version.
Note from Grant Miller: This board was ordered as a gift for Andrew by one of his friends. His friend already has a SUBX which Andrew had ridden, and so using my design records it was not difficult to build him a very similar board. Andrew's comments really describe the SUBX beautifully.

Testimonial Date: 10/03/2016 - Board Type : SUBX
Grant! That was the most fun I've had on a surfboard for 7 years!!! I'ts everything I've ever wanted in a surfboard! I was getting in early, trimming off the take off!!! (I've never done that) and it was powering through flat spots without having to bounce! So stoked mate! Thanks so much! Yew

Brad/Eastern Suburbs, Sydney.
Surfer: 33/100kg/6'3" Board: 6'10" X 22 3/4" X 3 1/4" 2 plus 1 version
Note from Grant Miller: Brad already has a 6'8" Waterskate and 6'8" V-SKATE. He wanted this as a fun board with easy paddling and good glide to go with the others and picked it up today. 3 hours later he sent me the message above after his first surf. Great success.

Testimonial Date: 10/03/2016 - Board Type : SUBX
Hi Grant

I picked up a board from you last august, 68 with a good serving of foam… Green with a tint spray and purple pinstripe. Grabbed the purple fin out of your draw..
Anyway I ruptured my achilles, tore a few other ligamnets, had an operation and haven’t surfed much until the last 3 weeks.

While my initial thoughts on the board when you rang for feed back were a pretty decent allrounder….having only surfed it a handful of times. I think I referenced it like a car I had, a subaru forester turbo…..good at all things but not outstanding…I now wish to apologise…and I have to update my view and say that it is the right board at the right time. It is exceptional at providing feel good feeling on almost every wave I now catch. As I I have read in some of the testamonials, it has renewed my inner surf vibe and lust.
Now that Ive caught a greater number of waves, I rate this board as, the one that seems to be the right board for me in almost all conditions that I surf.
Usually I take one board to the beach and half the time wished I brought a different one down the beach. Not now.
It is a great board with the ability to let fly down the line. I have to ride/stay a bit higher in the wave than I am/was used to, but the rewards are speed and a greater feeling of lightness, and then be able to drive it back round of the shoulder and feel the bite and gouge of a traditional single fin, but with the confidence of a thruster to maintain bite while up on the rail.
We discussed a few things about what I was looking for and to sum it up, I got what I asked for…..A board that works for me.

And that is why Im looking at a second SUB X, so when I go away or one of my boys comes down to the beach , I can ensure Ive still got a sub x to ride.

Tony/Manly, NSW
Surfer: 50/80kg/5'9" Board: 6'8" X 22 1/2" X 2 7/8" 2 plus 1 version
Note from Grant Miller: Tony is a surfer with 40 years experience. He wanted the SUBX as a fun board to go between his 6'0" JS and 9'0" Malibu.

Testimonial Date: 16/02/2016 - Board Type : SUBX
Hi Grant, Warren Shaw here. Sorry for being so late in getting back to you. I just wanted to let you know that I sent a follow up email today as over the xmas break I had the opportunity to try the SUBX out in Margaret River. I scored some beautiful, clean, fast n' hollow over head high waves at Left-handers and North Point.

I had an absolute blast and can only imagine how much more I could do on the board when I get the opportunity to be on it a bit more. So in the more powerful and bigger stuff it still went a treat, I had done steep late drops and got into some barrels. On a couple of head and a half to double over waves, it was apparent that I was reaching the limits of the board as it had just too much float/tail width and was more difficult to get the rail to bite. I also found on these bigger hollow ones that a couple of times the board spun out on a hard bottom turn, possibly due to the center fin coming out of contact with the water. It's a 7.25" so I actually think that with such width in the tail I might use an 8.25" fin to give a bit more bite and confidence in the bigger stuff.

So mate I'll leave it with you, thanks again. You might give me a bell after you have read the email.

Surfer:42/5'8"/72kg Board: 6'2" X 21 3/4" X 2 5/8" 2 plus 1 version (7.25"fin).

Note from Grant Miller: Warren sent me some good pictures in an email shot in WA. He is a very fit surfer who now lives far away from the coast and cannot surf nearly as often as before. If he were surfing more regularly, then we definitely could have built him a smaller SUBX, but given his situation I put more volume into the board both through length and overall dimensions. It's always very gratifying for me when clients go out of their way to report their experiences without me ever asking. Certainly I always follow up each person by phone a couple of months after they get their new board to check in with them. But I never solicit testimonials. If they feel like sending them however, we put them up.

Testimonial Date: 27/01/2016 - Board Type : SUBX
Hey Grant, I've now surfed my sub x in good waves and shitty summer beachies and the board is friggin amazing!
Thanks again.
Gary Wood/Victoria.
Surfer:46/79kg/6'0" Board:6'7"X 22 1/2" X 2 7/8" 2 plus 1 version.
Note from Grant Miller: There is more volume in Gary's board than strictly necessary. However he has a medical condition which means that he has lost around 40% of his paddle power. Also, he is wearing a full wetsuit most of the year. We are all different, and there are many variables which a shaper should evaluate and consider before deciding on what the correct dimensions are for each persons board.

Testimonial Date: 18/12/2015 - Board Type : SUBX
G'day Grant,
Great to hear from you, just proof of your professionalism and after sales service.
Thought I'd send a quick note on how the Sub X is treating me. The first time out was proof of what this craft was designed for. Being a not so young bloke with "Gumby" tendencies this board is very forgiving, everything stated on your website with regards to the Sub X and it's design is true.
I am not getting the ocean time I would like but when I do it's fun times all round. It may not have elevated my surfing ability to that of Mick Fanning, but it doesn't matter I'm just having a good time.
I look forward to a few fin adjustment experiments you suggested on the phone.
Anyway, thanks again and hopefully "Shark Alley" provides some decent surf days over the coming months.


Surfer:48/6'0"/86kg Board:6'8" X 22 1/2" X 2 7/8" 2 plus 1 version.
Note from Grant Miller: At the time of ordering, Rick described himself to me as an average surfer but very keen. He and his mate drive 2 hours to get to a decent part of the coast where they usually surf. He has a slow pop up and so was looking for some stability as well as versatility in this board. With these things in mind we designed this board with a bit more volume than strictly necessary for his weight.

Testimonial Date: 08/12/2015 - Board Type : SUBX

I'm far too excited to wait for your call to give feedback about the board. I've now surfed it twice and I'm absolutely loving it.

I should also say it was really good to see you the other day as well!

I got the new Sub X out in what I'm guessing was 2-3 foot surf and managed to surf a bank with only a few other people on it, which for a sunny Sydney summer weekend is a miracle, but there it is. The first few waves I was taking off too much under the lip, which I gather doesn't suit this board, so started positioning myself a bit further out. With that one change, everything changed. As you know better than anyone, the board is fast. It carries speed for more distance than say a V-Skate. But what really surprised me is its maneuverability. One cut back before I knew it I was rebounding off the foam at its apex. I definitely didn't expect that sort of responsiveness.

For me it has a similar feeling to the Powerglide, in that it also carries a lot of speed for a long distance, but the Sub-X is more maneuverable. That's what I feel so far anyway.

The other bonus is it fits neatly in the back of the car and no roof racks required!

I'm very very happy with this purchase and needless to say the construction quality and feel is as always perfect.

Brett/Eastern Suburbs, Sydney.
Surfer:50/90kg/5'9" Board: 6'4" X 22 1/4" X 2 5/8+ 2 plus 1 version with 7 1/4" center fin.
Note from Grant miller: I have shaped a number of different boards for Brett in the past. He wanted this board primarily as a "good small wave summer board". So far it looks like a perfect fit.

Testimonial Date: 08/09/2015 - Board Type : SUBX
Hi Grant
just wanted to give you some initial feedback on my new 6 4 SubX…

My initial surf was in junky 2-3 ft waves, the banks were terrible but it didn’t really matter as this thing made all the difference.

I caught quite a few waves considering the conditions. It paddles really comfortably with no splash off the nose area .

I was impressed with the speed I could generate on small waves and it seems really stable. It snapped and turned pretty quickly off the tail on my backhand so Im going to really work on that and see how far I can push it. I did some old fashioned climbing and dropping it was really smooth till I got too excited!

Ill be surfing this puppy for a bit this week, so I’ll give you a bit more feedback after that, but so far its a ripper Rita!

As you said, I could have gone 6 2 but with my shoulder issues, the 6 4 is just fine and give me a bit of paddling advantage.

Have a great trip, catch you when you get back for a surf
Bob/Bungan, NSW
61, 72kgs, shoulder issues and crap paddler, normally ride a 6 6 thruster Board:6'4" X 22" X 2 5/8" 2 plus 1 version.

Testimonial Date: 06/07/2015 - Board Type : SUBX
Gidday Grant.

I had a classic session at the golfy this morning. So much fun on the subby. My message to anyone who is doing more paddling than surfing is to ring grant and get a SubX and start smiling. A bloke asked me in the water this morning after I'd caught wave after wave in a big crowd: "what is that thing"!!!

Glen Hassett/South Coast, NSW.
Surfer:46/72kg/5'6" Board:6'2" X 21 3/4" X 2 5/8" 2 plus 1 version with 7.25" centre fin.

Testimonial Date: 29/04/2015 - Board Type : SUBX
Hi Grant,

Just a short note to say having a lot of fun on the 6'8' subx. Have ridden nothing else since picked it up. Ridden at Currumbin, Cronulla and down the coast. Best part is plenty of waves and being a big guy can sit out the back and pick them off that bit earlier.

Paul Taylor/Cronulla NSW
surfer:48/6'1"/92kg Board:6'8" X 22 1/2" X 3" / 2 plus 1 version.
Note from Grant Miller: Paul also has a 6'8" V-SKATE and a number of other boards. He wanted the SUBX as an all round fun board that paddled really well to be able to compete in the crowded conditions of Cronulla. He also wanted the board to be loose enough so that it could be ridden like a regular Thruster. Another great SUBX success.

Testimonial Date: 22/04/2015 - Board Type : SUBX
Hi Grant,

It's been about 6 months since I got my SUBX, so I guess it's time for some feedback.

I wanted a board that fills the gap in my quiver between my short (and fat) boards and my mals. I went for a 6'8" SUBX, which is longer than you recommended, even though you fined out the rails a bit. But I wanted a board that would allow an easier transition between my longboards to the short ones. I got more than I bargained for.

I found the SUBX did the job of my mal just fine on smaller, summer days at my local beachie, paddling in and getting going quickly and easily. Even as a single fin, it comes off the lip easily and loves a big cuttie. On the bigger days, the early entry and down-the-line speed makes more sense than riding my shortboards, or wrangling a big mal around. I hardly rode anything else.

I recently took the SUBX on a trip to the Telo Islands, where the waves are generally much mellower than the Mentawais. (Coupla pics attached.) Unfortunately, I'd been really crook for quite a while before I left (against doc's orders), so I can't give a complete review on the board's performance. I was as weak as kitten in the water. Lots of guys ride mals over there, and the guys on shortboards go alright as well. Very friendly waves, with only the occasional "What the f___?!" moments.

I rode the SUBX with side fins in, unlike at home where it's a single. It did everything I needed given my weakened condition, paddling in easily and trimming elegantly like a mal across the sections - with the occasional big-spray cuttie thrown in just to feel alive again.

My current thinking is I'd like a smaller version as well - as you first recommended. Probably a 6'4". Paddling it in easily wouldn't be an issue, and it should be just as loose but smoother than my current shortboards. It's on the wishlist.

Thanks for yet another great board, Grant.

Adrian/Perth, WA.
Surfer:62/73kg/5'8" Board:6'8" X 22 1/2" X 3 1/32" 2 + 1 version.

Testimonial Date: 13/04/2015 - Board Type : SUBX
Hi Grant

Thought I would let you know how the SUB X is going. I rode it 4 or 5 times when I first got it and was learning as I went. The paddle was sensational, I caught waves that others would not bother going for. Late entries are not a problem.

I took it to Mollymook and had head high right handers and it really opened up. Fast fluid, changing angles is easy. I have been out of the water for a month and first time in today. Had some glass in my heel and had it removed and some stitches.

Paddled out this morning and caught 7 waves in about 25 mins and it was busy. Just like I had not had a break. Now that's a pretty stoked feeling to have.

Normally I draw an arc through my bottom turns, today I stalled slightly then shoved the board around, it responded and drove up not quite vertical but took me by surprise.

I love it, cant wait to get back out there. Genius design. Could not be happier.

Thanks for making the SUB X Grant, its a gem.

Laurie Miller/Maroubra, Sydney.
Surfer: 54/5'10"/83kg Board: 7'0" X 22 3/4" x 3 1/8" 2 plus 1 fin setup.
Note from Grant Miller: Laurie had been riding 9'0" Mals when he ordered this board. He not only wanted an excellent paddle but also wanted to be able to do tight turns as well as smooth arcs. I made some minor modifications to his board to allow all of this to happen.
When we say that the SUBX paddles like a much longer board you can be assured that it does. Our claims for all the models we build are always based on accepted design theory and many hours of testing in the water.

Testimonial Date: 31/12/2014 - Board Type : SUBX
Grant, I've now had the SUBX for over 6 months & all I can say is this is just a great board. Yesterday was out for 3 hrs in 2'-3" not bad shape Sydney beachie surf, quad setup. Very stable on takeoff, so much so that it sets the "old" confidence level sky high & I regress back x number of years & start pulling roundhouse cutties, reos reasonably quick snap turns on this board. It's quick off the mark & can get around sections, or as I've found out in single fin mode take the high line for speed/cruise or glide. I must have had a good time as the old body is sore today but "loving it". THe SUBX has changed the way I now surf & that is a BIG impact. I don't see myself having to go to longboard style I,in my mind (ha ha), can still surf more aggressively/modern OR if I prefer I can cruise.

Now the only problem I have is the fact that none of my other boards are gettin a run, particularly my beautiful 8ft powerglide, so I'll probably be talking to you soon about another......

Steve Minors/Sydney, North.
Surfer: 62/6'2"/100kg board: 7'0" X 23 1/4" X 3 1/4" Set up with a 10" finbox and 4 Surfinz plugs. The board can be ridden either as a Single fin/Thruster/2 plus 1, or as a Quad.

Testimonial Date: 20/11/2014 - Board Type : SUBX

I’ve racked up plenty of surfs on the Subx so figured I owed you some feedback.

I love the board. I wanted something different and it definitely feels unique.

On my first surf the paddle power was immediately evident. That was even with the expectation that the board would paddle well and it didn’t disappoint. What came as a surprise was the speed. To me due to its outline I didn’t expect that so much, but the board can really fly. To put it in context my first surf on the Subx was headhigh/just overhead conditions off a reef break where the peak was shifting and pitching suddenly at times. Not ideal conditions for a first surf for me – but hey it was empty.

Subsequent surfs have proven the board is also solid in the manoeuvrability department. One surf in particular stands out. After a day of commitments I rushed down in the evening to the beach to be greeted by empty, shoulder high, but onshore conditions. “Bugger”. Still there was some energy there and beggars can’t be choosers, so I pulled out the Subx. Jeez I had a good time, culminating in a back hand turn off the bottom to the top of the wave and pulling the board back around in a beautiful forehand turn. That moment just felt really good, like hitting a perfectly pitched note. A sequence maybe not remarkable to many, but when you factor in the onshore chaos and my skill levels I was ecstatic.

Yeah sure with the thickness it’s not for absolutely all conditions for myself (e.g. beach break with punch and not much in the way of gutters, due to the depth I can achieve on repeated duck diving)– but like with all boards you gotta use your common sense!

Anyway it’s a great board. The deck is still looking really good despite the bludgeoning from my 100 kg’s, 6’4” frame.

The spray is a beautiful thing – please thank Martyn again. Its hypnotic so I have to be wary of staring at it for too long or the opportunity for a surf will pass by.

All the best

Northern Beaches/Sydney
39 years, 6’4”, 100 kg, Board Subx 6’10" X 22 3/4" X 2 7/8" / 2 plus 1 fin setup.

Testimonial Date: 07/08/2014 - Board Type : SUBX
Hey Grant,
Just a quick update on the board.

Had a couple of days on it now.

First day, two surfs @ 2-3ft, felt good, didn't paddle as well as my 9ft long board (wasn't expecting it too), but as close as you would get on a 7fter. Felt a bit strange at first and I put that down to the single fin setup, but after a few got the feel, the single seems to slow everything down a fraction, the smoother you are the better it felt, no vertical reentries going down!! So all up pretty happy after day 1.

Overnight groundswell hits and its 6ft plus. No real power for size, big fat takeoff, into some big fat walls. Put the trailing fins in for first surf, nice set wave first up, that thing is magic on the wave, being able to pick it up that fraction earlier just gives a broken down body like mine that bit extra time to rip it. Got about 10 waves, each time it just felt better. Go and have bfast and back to a single fin setup. Loved the single set up in those waves. I think the subx makes you a better surfer than what you actually are. And paddling around the breaks its like having a motor. Thinking I need two, like a 6'8 for the bigger stuff.

So after two days of surfing am totally impressed with the board, has done so much more than expected. Looking forward to more waves this week. It is everything you say it is plus more. It makes me want to surf more, and its a "just one more wave" board.

Did put a couple of decent depressions in the deck though which was a bummer.

Enjoy your time in Sumatra, hope you get some amazing waves,

Matt/South Coast NSW
Surfer: 40/103kg/6'5" Board: 7'0" X 23" X 3 1/4" with 2 plus 1 fin setup.

Testimonial Date: 14/07/2014 - Board Type : SUBX
Hey Grant,

How's things? I am sure you are flat out before taking off on your trip!

I am emailing for two reasons.
The first is to say I have been surfing on my subX non stop now for the last 9 weeks including a block of surfing daily for 3 weeks and a run from Byron to Crescent back to Tomakin and a lot of places in between. I have really found it to improve my surfing exponentially. I jumped on my F-Skate on Saturday morning (I felt bad having not ridden it in a long time) in some chest to a touch overhead clean waves and it went unreal - I was surfing the best I have ever been! Hitting the lip, throwing some spray (I know, who would of thought) and really just surfing well for my level. I wanted to say I truly believe this is because of the way the SubX has made me refine my surfing!

Nathan McGrath/South Coast NSW.
Surfer: 29/110kg/6'0" Board: 7'0" X 23" X 3 1/4" Single fin version.

Testimonial Date: 04/06/2014 - Board Type : SUBX
Guys, the board I usually ride is a 7'5" x 23 x 3" powerglide of Grants & my Subx is 7'0" x 23 1/8"x 3 1/8", but the way Grant has shaped this & distributed the foam I've found, much to my delight/stoke, that the Subx floats me 62yo (100kg) just as well. I sit in the water on the Powerglide just around my belly button, on the Subx the waterline is lower down around my hips. The paddle is amazing, it just seems to float over the water picks up waves really really well, takeoff is very stable (for those of us of the slow pop up brigade) & turns very easily. I've had it out in 2'-3 & it picked up everything I paddled for, I've had it set up as a 2+1,and I've got the quad option, & I gotta say I'm extremely happy with this board, cannot wait to get it out in something bigger. Get a SUBX now, & that's coming from a bloke who has been surfing for 50yrs!.

Steve Minors/Northern Sydney.

Testimonial Date: 18/05/2014 - Board Type : SUBX

" I have found this to paddle as good as my old 9 foot performance mal. Not as good as my old school 906 log though - but still unbelievably well."
Nathan McGrath/South Coast, NSW.
Surfer: 29/6'0"/110kg Board referred to above: SUBX 7'0" X 23" x 3 1/4" Single fin version.

Note from Grant Miller: The above quote was taken with Nathan's permission from a thread on the Seabreeze website. The thread was in a post called MillerSUBX under Longboarding, and dated 15/5/14.

Because so many fraudulent claims are made these days about various surfboard designs and features, surfers have naturally become very sceptical. I thought it may be useful to post this quote to independently support our claims about the SUBX's paddle power. How many 7'0" boards have you had that paddle as well as a 9'0" footer?
Nathan met with me today at Little Forest to order another board (a smaller version of his 8'0" V-SKATE) and so I asked him if we could reprint his post, to which he kindly agreed. Thank you Nathan.

Testimonial Date: 17/05/2014 - Board Type : SUBX
Morning Miller,
I rode my 6'1" F-SKATE quad at box and for me the perfect board for the conditions, a little skatey on the sets, but handled really well.
I went out at Newport yesterday ,down the south end , pretty solid waves, thought I'd try the sub X out there, a couple of guys who we're watching as I walked past made a few comments about wrong board for the conditions, but I just kept walking, anyway the board went really well, I was sitting out with the guys on the guns and taking the sets, I even managed to take off further inside and get around the section that people were sitting on because they couldn't get around it.My last wave was the set of the morning and I rode it all the way to the beach. When I walked up the path there were around fifteen guys watching the surf, they all were surprised what I was riding and started asking a lot of questions about the board and asked if they could hold and check out the board.

Michael/Bilgola, NSW

Surfer: 44/6'0"/82kg Board: 6'6" X 22 1/4" x 2 3/4" Single fin version.
Note from Grant Miller: Michael's interesting testimonial demonstrates the amazing versatility of the SUBX. Even though the board was designed for very small surf, it can be ridden in many different situations depending on surfer skill level. I called Michael after he sent this email and he said that the SUBX was the only board he was currently riding. For the record, he also has an F-SKATE, V-SKATE, Semi-Gun and an 8'3" full Gun for the German Bank at Long Reef. All Millers.

Testimonial Date: 11/04/2014 - Board Type : SUBX
Hi Grant, I thought I would send through a review of the Sub-X.

I have been reluctant to provide a review until I was able to spend some considerable time on the board, this was mostly due to how different I found it surfed to anything I have surfed before.

My first paddle on the board was late one midweek afternoon on a small left about knee to waist high without any power behind it. I was able to paddle the board with ease - I found the nose shape particular comfortable with the deck side hard edge, I was also able to catch everything I paddled for. Once away on the wave I found that I was trying to be too aggressive with the way I surfed the board and ended up bogging down and not harnessing the speed that I felt was there - over time I realised that this board needed a refined smoothness incorporated to the way I attempted to surf, no more heavy hacking away and pumping for speed. Once I incorporated this change along with some intentional style changes like higher lines and longer arcs etc I found the board to begin to come to life.

The board provides tremendous speed and I have found I almost prefer to surf it in larger waves. I have had it out in well overhead surf and thought the board excelled. The speed it generated allowed me to flow through large arcing turns whilst allowing early entry through the volume you have kept throughout.

Overall the board took me a little while to adjust to however it is an extremely good single fin board that has smoothed out my style and taught me to become a better overall surfer and most of all RIDICULOUSLY FUN!

My apologies for the novel of an email.

Nathan McGrath/South Coast, NSW.
Surfer: 29/110kg/6'0" Board: 7'0" X 23" X 3 1/4" Single fin version.

Testimonial Date: 06/04/2014 - Board Type : SUBX
Hi Grant,

Took the new board out today, and I think I'm in love!
Conditions were less than perfect - heavy, wind affected swell (3 to 5'?) with lumpy waves that tended to rolling close outs in sometimes random directions.
As I was there anyway, decided to go in just to get a feel for the board - figured a paddling / duck dive practice session never hurt anyone.
To my surprise, the board just took off on the first wave I tried - 1/2 green, 1/2 white. Hadn't even planned to try to stand up - just getting the feel of the board - but it just felt so natural / easy I realised ( when the wave was just about dead) that I could easily have tried to stand up, so from then on I did!
Took a bit to sort out out my pop up balance and foot / weight distribution ( mostly due to lack of skill and the feeling that it should be harder than this to go from an 8' foamie to a 6'8" hardboard!), but after a bit I caught a wave, popped up reasonably well and was heading for the beach fairly comfortably, so thought I'd try a bit of weight distribution / turning. Expected to fall off in the whitewash, but next thing I knew I was gliding along parallel to the beach, and only had to stop when I was heading into the patrolled area.
Couldn't believe it!
It was about the best ride I'd ever had, and this was on a wave that didn't even have a proper face / shoulder, or even a lot of green in it!
Felt as smooth as Kelly slater in a barrel, even though it was just an, err.. 'Very late starter' on a rather dodgy wave!
Stoked! Grin still hasn't left my face!
Really looking forward to where we can go from here....!
Thanks for an absolutely brilliant board that feels totally right and easy, and seems to work for where I'm at in my surfing, while really giving me the confidence and inspiring me to try taking my surfing further.....
I know I have a long way to go, but in my case it really is the journey rather than the destination that I am finding so addictive and rewarding - and just plain fun!
Thanks again for providing this great board to help guide me along the way!

Deborah/Phillip Island, Vic.
Surfer:51/70kg/5'6" Board: 6'8" X 22 1/4" X 2 7/8" Single fin version.
Note from Grant Miller: I shaped Deborah a 6'8" Waterskate many years ago which she loved and still has, but working and being a mum kind of got in the way as it often does. And so she had fallen back to riding an 8'0" foamie and had lost some confidence. I thought the SUBX would provide her with the stability which is so important, and also allow her to regain her confidence and begin to progress once more. Happy days.

Testimonial Date: 04/11/2013 - Board Type : SUBX
Hey Grant,
Got the SUBX out this morning down at Marboubra for first its first go, and had a lot of fun trying to work the thing out.

conditions were exactly what I had i mind for the board - kinda fat, plenty of longboards around but some nice little peelers with the NE swell breaking down the beach. the paddling advantage was immediately obvious just from the speed of getting out. also happy to discovr than i could duck dive the board fairly well. the guys on short boards looked like they were really struggling to catch anything too, so I was feeling pretty good about board selection.

Managed to nose dive the first wave (foolishly attempted last second takeoff) which was an amusing start, and then learnt over the next few waves that thrusters and single fins are different beasts. BAsically my take on the differnece is that you need to take a smoother approach with the single fin than trying to skate them along the wave.
about 45 minutes into the session though 1 or 2 things started to click and i picked off a couple of better waves for the conditions. One in particular really got me excited about the prospects for this board. Basically the board just seemed to keep accelerating, but really smoothly so. no squirts of speed like the vskate just this building gliding sensation. the board just kept making sections and the next thing I was practically stepping off onto the beach. At that point I think I got my first idea of what the board might be all about.

A really interesting start. No question the board made a marginal surf a lot more fun. Really looking forward to getting it out again soon and having another go.
Adrian/Eastern Suburbs, Sydney.
Board: 6'6" X 22 1/4" X 2 3/4" Surfer: 42/83kg/5'11"

Testimonial Date: 26/10/2013 - Board Type : SUBX
Hi Grant,
I've had my SUBX for 3 weeks and surfed it 5 times. I am delighted with the ease of paddling and how late I can get into waves. It feels very stable on take off and REALLY flies down the line. I've had a couple of people comment on how "cool old school" it looks and how well it seems to surf. I have found I am getting into some sections even my Waterskate would not catch up to, and getting there with enough speed to throw an extra turn or two. When I keep my back foot further back it turns quite tightly, and if I move my feet forward it glides along the face in big sweeping arcs. I have ridden in 1 foot slop, 3 foot clean and various in between surf, as well as some rolling 4 footers at the Bommie. It goes well in all conditions. I had ummmed and ahhhed about a Powerglide to go with my shortboards, but am glad I tried the SUBX, it rips !!!
I think my next board will be another SUBX, maybe in a different configuration.
As usual it was a pleasure doing business with you,its great to see there are still craftsmen with pride in their craft shaping boards, and the finish is outstanding. (pass on to your glasser)
Thanks a lot
Ian/Northern Beaches,Sydney.
Boards: 6'6" Waterskate, 6'7" VSkate,
6'6" (2 7/8, 22 1/4) SUBX
Age 55
Weight 85kg

Testimonial Date: 18/09/2013 - Board Type : SUBX
Hi Grant.

Was really cool catching up with you the other day in Milton. Great to finally meet you in person after all these years. You live in a very beautiful part of the world mate. Very much looking forward to heading down that way again soon and scoring some waves with you.

So far I couldn't be happier with the SUBX. It has phenomenal paddling power. It felt very similar in fact to paddling on my 9'3". But that's pretty much where the similarities with my longboard end.

I didn't get any waves on the trip home and had my first surf out the front of my place in 2 ft junk. Whilst I was impressed with the paddle and also with the fact that it wasn't too hard to duck dive, I didn't really get to experience how it surfed. Sure, I caught a lot more waves than I would normally and I definitely got that magic carpet feel that all your boards seem to have, but I didn't get the opportunity to put it on rail with speed which was what I was most looking forward to as I had never owned or even surfed a single fin before. My opportunity came a few days later when we got a nice prolonged pulse of 3-4 ft ESE swell.. I surfed a local right hand point break, it wasn't barrelling but just long glassy walls at a touch overhead. The board went insanely well. After scratching around wider I ended up paddling deeper and deeper as I was getting into them so early and generating so much down the line speed that I was making waves that I wouldn't have on any other board that I own. Surfing more off the front foot made it go even faster. Long drawn out bottom and top turns, rail to rail, a really pure and awesome feeling. I was beaming when I got out of the water, the poor bastard that I was surfing with had had more than enough of my excited blithering about the SUBX by the time I dropped him off at this place. Since that surf, I have had a couple more days on it, none in waves that were better than that day at the point however. Over time I have been pushing harder on turns, trusting the rail and fin more - and have found the board surprisingly very responsive to back foot vertical surfing as well. In short, I think you are definitely on to something here mate. An awesome groveller for average surf and sublime in quality head to just over head high waves. Loving it Grant, very glad you talked me into one!

Talk soon

Paul Davis/Sunshine Coast

Surfer: 37/5'9"/80kg Board: 6'6" X 21 1/2" X 2 3/4" Single Fin SUBX