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Questions about Ordering
Where can I buy a Miller Surfboard?

Miller Surfboards can only be ordered directly from Grant Miller.
Either call Grant on 0410770374 or email him through the contact page of the site. Normally he will respond to your email within 24 hours, sometimes sooner.

Why can't I buy Miller Surfboards from surfshops?
boards for pickup

Discussion by Grant Miller: “In the past, our boards were available through 8 different surfshops in the Sydney metropolitan area. Each shop would have anywhere between 6 and 20 of our boards. However over the years I gradually cut down the number of shops who we supplied. Why? There were a number of important reasons which are detailed below.

  1. Shops generally sell what they have in stock rather than what may be best for a customer. Often I would take calls from people who had bought one of our boards from a shop and were having some drama. After carefully listening to the person, it would be obvious to me that the board was too big/small or that the fins supplied were not appropriate for the board or that it was the wrong model. The surfer sometimes thought that there was something wrong with the actual board when there wasn't. It just wasn't the right board for them. At times, it was inconceivable to me why the person in the shop had sold them that particular board in the first place. Even a basic consultation over the phone revealed the mismatch between surfer and board.
    I realised over time, that shops would rather sell any board than no board. Or, they couldn't be bothered/ or were not skilled enough to take a custom order when necessary.

    Because it's very important to me to get each surfer on the best possible board, I would then call the shop concerned and try to broker some sort of a deal on the client's behalf. This normally meant building them a custom and them trading back in the stock board to the shop. However over time, the shops would just get customers to call me directly to speak with me. Naturally this could be very time consuming.

    Over time, I formed the view that very few people who worked in surfshops were sufficiently competent to accurately assess a surfers needs. Either they lacked the technical knowledge, or they just didn't really care. Sometimes it was both. This is a very serious and ongoing problem when buying boards from shops. Theoretically, the best person to deal with in a surfshop would be an ex shaper (assuming he were competent). But why would a competent and successful shaper want to work in a surfshop? Give that some serious thought.

  2. Shops generally want to order stock boards with lighter glassing because lighter boards feel nice when you pick them up. I also think that in some cases, shops prefer this because the boards will fail sooner in use and so they get to sell more boards. I'm serious. I do not agree ethically with building boards designed to fail early. So, I'd glass our boards durably and the shops would complain.
    Sometimes I'd have shops calling me to complain about an apparent construction failure. For example they may have sold a board which was glassed a bit lighter to a very heavy surfer and the deck would naturally be badly dented. You can imagine the dramas.

    Then there was curing. I'd personally deliver stock to shops and specifically tell them that the boards were very fresh and thus not fully cured. (New boards take about 2-3 weeks after glassing to cure and reach maximum strength.) I'd remind them to advise anyone buying one of these boards to wait a while before riding them. Yeah right. You can imagine staff doing that can't you? Again, potentially those boards could be ridden too early and then dent up excessively, which reflects poorly on us more so than the shop.

  3. Shops do not always pay their accounts on time. Lets just say that this was another regular source of friction.

    So, after approximately 12 years, I stopped supplying shops altogether. They still contact me from time to time wanting boards, but my answer is always the same. Certainly I could sell more boards and make more money if I sold to shops. However these considerations are not as important to me as quality.

Questions about freight
How much is freight?
Shipping is not included in the baseline board price. Grant will give you an exact freight cost at the time of ordering.

Regrettably, I am no longer going to freight boards internationally or to WA, SA, or Western Vic. This decision has not been made lightly since I have many loyal clients in these areas to whom I feel committed, and in addition it will cost me some income. This is obviously a major change which deserves some explanation.

  1. Increased transport charges and minimum number of shipments required per month. TNT and other major carriers I have been using, now require me to send a minimum number of boards per month. If I fail to meet this requirement, then the cost of sending an individual board goes up dramatically. Some months I send quite a few interstate orders, other months not. Additionally freight costs have risen, and some clients feel that the amount I need to charge is too high. It’s true that cheaper options like E-Go exist. However the actual logistics of dealing with these companies given where I now live are too complicated and time consuming. Also, feedback from people I know who have used these companies is not consistent. There have been cases where boards have been lost and not recovered. Recently a friend sent a board from Wollongong to Perth, normally a 4 day delivery with TNT, and it took 6 weeks! I am not prepared to use these companies.
  2. I used to personally package every new board for freight myself, that takes a good hour, plus materials. Even though the boards were exceptionally well packed, we still had damage from time to time. Even with insurance, this was really disappointing both for clients and me.
  3. Apart from the issues discussed above, there are other problems. For example, TNT not picking up when they should pick up: boards not always being delivered within agreed time frames: clients not being home or at work when boards are delivered: disputes with freight companies over insurance claims and so on. These issues have gradually worn me down I suppose you could say.

The Future: If you live in WA, SA or Western Vic. and you really want one of my boards, and you have a friend here on the East coast who we can work with, then certainly I will build you the board. Perhaps they can pick it up for you here, or it can be delivered to Sydney for forwarding or whatever. One of my WA clients has already volunteered to help out with getting another person’s order to them. Belinda, from Perth, has a son who lives at Bondi. This is just one example of how things sometimes work out. However I will no longer be packaging boards so that they can be delivered to E-Go or other cheap freight company’s distribution depots.

I apologize to those disappointed by my decision, and hope that you might be able to see things through my eyes at least somewhat.

How do I get my new board?
  1. Pick up in person or by a friend at Boyne Mountain (near Termeil/Ulladulla) by prior arrangement with Grant.
  2. Have your board freighted anywhere between Noosa and Torquay, Victoria (Insurance not necessary because the company we use is a dedicated surfboard carrier with special racks and padding.) There is no chance of damage. Naturally freight rates vary with location, and I will advise when you are ordering or inquiring.
    However to give you some idea, it's $70 to Victoria, $60 to the Central Coast of NSW and $90 to Noosa. These prices are for all surfboards under 7'10" in length. For boards longer than this, add $10 to $15 per board. These are really excellent rates, lower in fact than I used to get with TNT when I used them. I meet the courier in Termeil and we pack the boards in his vehicle together. It's very comforting for me to know that the boards will arrive on time and in perfect condition. Chris, the courier, calls ahead to each client and arranges where the drop offs will occur. At times he can deliver to an actual residential address. At other times he meets you on the highway or wherever has been agreed. I pay him directly, and so there is no further cost to you after the final payment for the board (including freight) has been made. I've been using him for the past 4 months (since July 2020) and have been really happy with the service.
  3. Have your board hand delivered to your work or home address by Grant anywhere within the Sydney metropolitan area/excluding downtown CBD: Delivery range-Campbelltown-Hornsby-Palm Beach-Cronulla and anywhere South to Wollongong for $50 (insurance not necessary). Multiple boards ordered by the same person will be charged $50 in total. You can discuss these options with Grant at the time of ordering or when your board is close to being finished.

Questions about fins
All Miller surfboards come supplied with appropriately sized fins and fin removal key.

Primarily we manufacture our surfboards using the Surfinz system. We strongly endorse this system since it is significantly stronger and provides more adjustment than any other system.

Importantly, the Surfinz system is perfectly compatible with traditional two tab FCS fins, although the manufacturers are entirely separate from FCS.
Therefore, if you already own FCS fins which you like, they can be used with a perfect fit in your new board.
Additionally, the fins which we provide you with are identical to the M3, M5 and M7 FCS templates, and so individual replacement fins can be obtained from most retailers worldwide in case of breakage.

However, on request we can also install either FCS or Future Fins when building your new board. Feel free to discuss these matters with Grant at time of ordering.

We also provide traditional fin boxes on request. For example, if you are ordering a midlength single fin board. At times people also order Waterskates with a fin box in the middle and Surfinz at the sides. Additional cost for a finbox is $50 plus the centre fin @ $60.

Quad Fins
A dedicated quad fin has 4 fin plugs and attracts an additional cost of $40.

3 + 4 Setup
This option comes with 5 fin plugs and allows the board to be ridden as either a Thruster or a quad fin. Additional cost including fins is $80.

Questions about colour and spraying
Baseline price is for a clear board. Colours are extra.

I use a highly experienced sprayer located near Wollongong for all colour work. All boards ordered without colour are white sprayed before glassing to minimise discoloration over time. All types of colour sprays are available except murals. Prices depend on coverage and complexity and should be discussed with Grant during ordering.

We also now offer a full range of tints and pigments as well as foam sprays. When I started shaping over 40 years ago, most boards were coloured during the glassing process either with tints or pigments. These processes are much more time consuming than spraying and result in beautiful looking boards with many colour variations possible. If you have seen something you like on a board, just take some pictures and we will do our best to create whatever you want. Again, Grant can provide you with a price based on complexity when you are ordering. See sample sprays

Col glassing Col glassing Col glassing
My highly experienced glasser, Col Warren, based near Wollongong, has been building surfboards for more than 40 years. He glasses our boards in specific ways which I have requested that add to the life of the board. For example, our laps are wider than the industry standard. Laps describe the distance that the glass wraps around each rail. Most Australian factories these days make their laps as short as possible because it’s faster and uses less resin. In Asia it’s anyone’s guess. Shorter laps result in a weaker surfboard because in effect, laps operate similarly to an H-Beam around the perimeter of the board. This is just one example of the various ways in which we strive to build better boards which last longer. The surfboard industry is a dirty industry environmentally. No amount of argument can deny this. My attitude is to build longer lasting boards, rather than boards with built in known failure variables.

Since we are no longer prepared to supply boards to retail shops and do not build stock boards, all Miller Surfboards are custom made. As a result we do not use a standard or fixed glassing schedule. Rather, each board is individually glassed and built to suit the requirements and expectations of our clients. Grant will carefully discuss the various glassing options with you at the time of ordering. To give you some idea of the quality we routinely achieve, it is quite common for clients to trade in Miller Surfboards which are 4-5 years old, which have been used consistently throughout that time, and yet are still in good condition and can be resold. Putting this into perspective, most commercially available surfboards today are lucky to last 18 months before either terminal breakage or other material failure finish them off.

Custom artwork
If you would like to incorporate your own artwork, graphics or company logos on your new board, this can easily be arranged.

We can provide finished artwork of any size and colour to suit your requirements. Your artwork is printed onto professional quality rice paper with fade resistant inks, and is then laminated under the fibreglass of the surfboard during manufacture. You need only provide us with the artwork on a file via email. Prices begin at $80 per image.

Grant will happily provide you with an obligation free quote whilst you are ordering your new board.

Do you sell Tee shirts?
tshirt front tshirt back tshirt back Yes. Shirts are available in sizes from Medium through XXL. They are grey 100% pre-shrunk cotton. Print color is either Teal Blue or Purple and a few Lime Green ones left.
Cost is $35 per shirt plus $10 postage anywhere in Australia: 2 and even 3 shirts can be fitted into the postage satchel for the same $10 price.

Payment Methods
How do I pay?
Either by EFT or cash. We do not accept credit card payments.

Questions about timeframes

Our boards take longer to build than many others. For one thing, every board is hand shaped which takes me around 3 hours, sometimes more. Normally I also spend up to an hour with each client going through their order. My clients are highly valued and are never rushed. I also live in a more remote area now which makes the whole production process more difficult. After shaping, the blanks need to be carefully transported to Wollongong for glassing, and then picked up again for me to do the finishing/polishing/fin fitting and final checking. I also travel to Sydney to pick up blanks, since freighting them down here often results in damage before we have even started. If you have spent any time reading over the website, you will be aware that a lot of thought and care goes into our boards. In a fast paced world of bullshit, we still care, and a lot of love goes into each board.

wrapped boards shaped boards How long will it take until I receive my board?

6-10 weeks. The actual time your board will take depends on where I am in my shaping cycle when you order. For example, if you were to order just before I deliver to my glasser, and I have a suitable blank and the time available to shape it, then it may take as little as 4 weeks for you. On the other hand, if you were to order around the time I've already delivered to my glasser in Wollongong, then it will be 8-10 weeks. I maintain a stock of approximately 60 blanks in various sizes and rockers, so that in the vast majority of cases, no matter what a person orders, I have the correct blank. However occasionally it happens that I run out of a certain size blank, or someone orders something really out of the ordinary, which necessitates me going to Sydney and searching for the relevant rocker template at Dion Chemicals and ordering that special blank. In cases like this the client is going to have to wait longer. It's tricky, doing my best to anticipate what people are going to order and then pre-ordering the blanks. When I was based in Sydney everything was easier, since Dions carry a lot of blanks in stock and I could just have one delivered. The moral of this story? If you want me to build you a new board, contact me ASAP.