Background and Experience
Years Shaping: 41         Years Surfing: 50        
Currently shaping at Boyne Mountain via Termeil 2539 mb: 0410 770 374

Grant grew up at North Narrabeen on Sydney's Northern Beaches---quickly becoming one of the hottest junior surfers there."It was a really amazing time as a grommet, surfing regularly with Nat, Terry Fitzgerald, Simon Anderson, Mark Warren and Col Smith--all guys who at the time I really looked up to."

Grant was a Hot Buttered sponsored surfer by 16, and a few years later after a year as a professional surfer on the old I.P.S. World Tour, he began shaping. "I served my shaping apprenticeship with Terry Fitzgerald, one of the most respected surfer / shaper / designers in the history of surfing. A strict teacher, strong on design theory, method and accuracy--Terry influenced my shaping and surfing immesurably. This was a very exciting time at Hot Buttered---new design ground was frequently being broken---I remember being present when Terry shaped the first "Drifta"--a precurser to the eventual thruster. Frank Williams, Ronnie Woodward and Stuart Campbell were all shaping there at the time---a real melting pot of ideas".

After 2 years at Hot Buttered, Grant moved on to shape boards under the 'Hot Dot' label at Brookvale before embarking on a 15 year semi-nomadic surfer / shaper / traveller existence....."I spent time shaping and surfing in Indo, Japan, France, England, Mexico, Central America and the USA----particularly in San Diego California where I had the opportunity to shape for 'Rusty'----but I was restless and wanted to keep moving---the Endless Summer routine."

In October ' 99 Grant returned to Sydney and released the WATERSKATE---a revolutionary alternative design which had evolved over a two year period.

Grant is a shaper with vast international surfing and shaping experience: from heavy beach breaks at Narrabeen, to Californian summer mush and huge pits in Hawaii, Mexico and Central America. One of the rare craftsmen who can shape, glass, sand and polish---Grant still rips and surfs Narrabeen daily. Equally skilled at shaping grovel boards and serious guns, one of his major assets is the ability to listen to his clients--not forcing his ideas upon them, but rather helping to put their ideas and experience together with his into foam.

Grant has a reputation within the Australian surfboard industry both for speaking his mind, and designing surfboards without regard to 'popular opinion' or fashion. This free thinking results in boards that are unique---the WATERSKATE, V-SKATE and POWERGLIDE are all good examples. At the time the WATERSKATE was released in October '99 for instance--there was nothing else commercially available in a similar vein. Shapers were still firmly focussed on the thin, narrow and over rockered---Grant's ideas were the complete opposite of mainstream design. Yet the WATERSKATE met with unprecedented response---tapping as it did into the previously ignored needs of many surfers. This design remains influential amongst intelligent and progressive shapers.

Because these various models fall outside the boundaries of conventional surfboard design---they are difficult for some people to categorize---However for those surfers who have ridden them---the boards speak for themselves and have great personal meaning.

Miller surfboards are not mass produced--each board is treated as unique,and carefully supervised through each stage of production. Manufactured from the finest materials available--they are of the highest quality and finished to international standards.