Shaping Philosophy

My objective is to design surfboards to suit individuals. All surfers are different,right? Different weights,heights and ability levels--so it follows that their boards should reflect these differences.

Yet with few exceptions,most boards are still designed and shaped with professional surfer's in mind. The truth of this can be seen daily with many surfers still struggling on undervolumed shortboards,or trying to adapt by riding Minimals or Malibus.

This state of affairs is both unnecessary and unethical. In part it results from mass production and the commercial decisions accompanying it. In retailing for example, many surfshops operate similarly to real estate agents and car dealerships---with surfboard salesmen driven by volume commissions/margins rather than by the needs of their customers. There are certain shops therefore that we will not deal with on ethical grounds alone.

We are kind of old fashioned in the way that we do business. For instance, wherever possible I still speak with every person ordering a custom board--no matter where they live. We keep carefully detailed records of all the dimensions of their boards. Whats recorded? Pretty much everything. Rocker every 6" from nose to tail,fin locations and angles,board width,thickness,bottom shape---things like that. Why? So that we can refine/improve each persons next board in a systematic and predictable way through controlling certain design variables--rather than the usual 'stab in the dark' approach. We record what weight of glass was used and where,fin template,stringer width and so on.

Then there is the follow up. Every person who orders a custom Miller surfboard is contacted 6--8 weeks later. Why? We want to know how they like their board---does it do what they were hoping it would? Is it loose enough? Fast enough? Do they feel good about their board? Are they happy with their decision?

In short---we build boards that people are excited about---that they hold onto---that they tell their friends about---that they are stoked to go surfing with. Are you ready?