6'2" x 21 ¼" x 2 5/8" Swallowtail

Roll-concave-double concave -spiral Vee.
Rail: Mid-low

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6'2" X 21 1/4" X 2 5/8" Swallowtail
Video taken - March 2007

The F-SKATE is a high volume low rocker dedicated small wave fish. It's designed for easy paddling with maximum drive and speed in small marginal conditions. As you can see in this footage shot at Narrabeen, the F-SKATE can be surfed from rail to rail like a regular short board and generates a lot of speed whilst retaining its looseness in small gutless waves. In higher quality waves it naturally surfs even better. Bottom shape is a moderately deep single concave into double concave with a spiral Vee.